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  3. Uten Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner 750ml Jewellery Cleaner with Dentures Glasses
Uten Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner 750ml Jewellery Cleaner with Dentures Glasses
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Uten Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner 750ml Jewellery Cleaner with Dentures Glasses

SKU: CQ1500000013

NOTE: Uten Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner 750ml Jewellery Cleaner with Dentures Glasses

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Professional Ultrasonic cleaner : This Ultrasonic Jewellery cleaner generates sound waves for a powerful and gentle clean that won't harm your valuables,making the process an effective cleansing tool for items
Large Tank Capacity:750ml capacity Ultrasonic cleaner use for clean Jewellery, eyeglasses, watch, rings, coins, dentures,Ideal device for glasses shops, jewellery shops, watches shops, mobile phone repairing shops, dental, office, home use and more. we recommend you use the warm water , Add detergent can enhanced cleaning
Stainless Steel tank: Strong and durable 304 stainless steel tank,40 KHz ultrasonic frequency and high-power ultrasonic transducer for superior cleaning effect
High Quality Ultrasonic cleaner : Built with high frequency vibration technology which stimulates the transducer and generates 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic wave.It comes with a removable cleaning basket & watch stand to prevent the transducer,reducing cavitation to be damaged as well as positioning the item within the optimal cleaning zone of the tank
Best Sevice: We are confident in this professional ultrasonic cleaner and offering a full 1-year guarantee. We will do the best for you

1. We highly recommend you to use professional detergent to enhance and better the cleaning effect.
2. If your glasses are too large, just take out the cleaning basket and put them into the stainless steel tank to clean.
3. Fit for many occasions : Laboratories, electronic shops, glasses shops, jewellery shops, clocks and watches shops, mobile phone repairing shops, hospitals, dentistry, office, home use and more.
4. Super perfect to clean:
1> Jewellery: Necklaces, Rings, Earnings and Bracelets
2> Glasses and Timepieces: Contact Lens accessories, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses,Waterproof Watches
3> Personal items: Electric Shaver Heads, Razor Blades, Dentures, Combs and Toothbrushes
4> Stationary Items: Printer-heads, Pen head, Inject Cartridges and Seals
5> Lab tools: instruments and fittings
6> Metal pieces: Ancient Coins, Badges, Valves and Machine Nozzles
7> Metal dishware: Forks, Knives, Spoons, Teacup etc.

1. Cleaning Principle: Ultrasonic
2. Ultrasonic Frequency: 40 kHz
3. Power Consumption: 35 W
4. Tank Material:Stainless Steel SUS304
5. Product Size: 200 x 140 x130mm
6. Tank Size: 155 x 95 x 52 mm
7. Tank Capacity: 750 ml
8. Timer Setting: 3 minutes Auto Power -off
9. Power Supply: AC100 120V,50Hz/ AC220 240V,50Hz
10. Mains Fuse : 3A

1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner
1 x User Manual
1 x Cleaning Basket

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