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Toro beast 1/5 scale brushless esc
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Toro beast 1/5 scale brushless esc

SKU: QT1001002032

NOTE: Toro Beast for brushless esc 1/5 scale ,it is specially designed for small scale model cars

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Product mane:Toro beast 1/5 scale brushless esc
Input power: 4-8s lipo (16.8-33.20)
Built in BEC: 6.0/7.4v@ 15A
Dimensions: 145*45*40

1. New high performance heat dissipation power boards
2.High quality bearings
3.Can easily run up to 10 horse power range
4.High Purity Copper Windings Maximizes Conductivity
5.Removable/Replaceable Rotor
6.Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion

Toro beast 1/5 scale brushless esc

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