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Swift Speed Controller for RC Model Airplane Brushless Motor 10A ESC
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Swift Speed Controller for RC Model Airplane Brushless Motor 10A ESC

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NOTE: Swift 10A ESC speed controller is specially designed for brushless motors of airplanes.It's very simple and stable to use.

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* Model: Swift 10
* Max. Amps: 10A
* Max. Volts: 3S
* LiPoBEC Output: 5V/1A
* Dimenrions: 23 x 18 x 8mm
* Net Weight: 8g

This product incorporates the latest technological developments. You have got a very efficient controller for brushless motors use. Our priority was reliability and simple to use.

All SWIFT controllers are ready to fly straight from the package, no programming necessary. They are defaulted to AUTO LIPO detect and no brake. Should users wish to modify these settings, they may do so using their transmitter. Even if programming sequences of SWIFT speed Controllers are particularly logical and therefore very easy, using and operating requires some knowledge and a few basic skills.

Please read through instructions entirely before attempting to operate with these electronic devices. High power system for RC model can be very dangerous, so we strongly suggest you read the manual carefully. In that we have no control over the correct use, installation, application, or maintenance of our products, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damages, losses or costs resulting from the use of the product.

Any claims arising from the operating, failure or malfunctioning etc. will be denied. We assume no liability for personal injury, property damage or consequential damages resulting from our product or our workmanship.

Now you can stop wondering what's going on with your electric model and get answers that allow you to apply science to your hobby. The precise measurements you collect will help you fine tune your model to get all the performance that you paid for.

With watt meter function, it is now easy to determine things like:
* Current through an ESC and motor
* The temperature & peak temperatures of ESC, motor
* Estimate battery's running time for car or airplane
* ESC, BEC and motor efficiencies
* Charge put into and discharge from a battery
* Presence of peak currents that can damage components
* Presence of voltage sags that cause components to operate out of specification
* Why power is lost during acrobatics or extreme conditions
* Effect of gearing and propeller size and shape on power consumption and battery currents Clever hobbyists will discover new applications to further improve electric model performance.

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