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  3. Strong Power 7800mAh Li-ion Battery For 75W 65W 55W 48W HID Xenon Torch Flashlight
Strong Power 7800mAh Li-ion Battery For 75W 65W 55W 48W HID Xenon Torch Flashlight
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Strong Power 7800mAh Li-ion Battery For 75W 65W 55W 48W HID Xenon Torch Flashlight

SKU: QP0902001000

NOTE: This 7800mAh rechargeable battery can serve 75W HID flashlight with super light. It's able to last at least 100 minutes (at 75W) after every charging.

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Selling price:   £49.49


Keep Sign

* 100% brand new and genuine OEM
* Large capacity: 7800mAh
* Long span life: >500 times (charge and discharge)
* Rechargeable
* 6 months factory warranty
* Compatible with most HID flashlight
* Size: 44mm (Dia.) x 245mm (L)

Package includes:

1 X 7800mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Attention: This battery supports 3 gears when used on 35W flashlight. It will be 1 gear when used on 24W. Please mark clearly what you want.

* Do not close or put it into fire
* Do not make the battery short circuit
* Avoid knocking and shaking the battery
* Do not disassemble the battery and use other brand battery
* Do not dip it into water or other electric liquid
* Keep away from children

* Charge current: <4000mA
* Battery charge voltage: <12.8
* Charge environment temperature: 0°C-40°C
* Only can use the appointed charger, charging environment temperature is 0-45°C, humidity is 65 ±25%
* Please do not use damaged or other brand charger to charge
* Charging time is 4-6 hrs, please don't charge exceed 24 hrs continuously. Please pre-charge before using!

* Discharge environment temperature: -20°C-50°C
* Discharge current can not be higher than 6000MA. Exceeding discharge current may lead to damage battery's capacity and overheat the battery to bring danger.

* Please deal with waste battery according to the local rule
* If the battery is not used for a long time, its performance may down. Then you have to recharge and discharge completely for several times to recover it.
* If you do not use it exceed 3 months, please recharge it one time at the appointed time during storing.
* Please store it in low temperature, dry and ventilated environment!

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