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  3. SKYRC Protues Series X524-2Y 910KV Brushless Motor for Marine
SKYRC Protues Series X524-2Y 910KV Brushless Motor for Marine
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SKYRC Protues Series X524-2Y 910KV Brushless Motor for Marine

SKU: QT1001002001

NOTE: Proteus Series Motors are designed for large scale RC boat (1.5-2m length). This style is X524 2Y brushless motor for marine.

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* Product Name: X524 2Y
* Watts: 6300
* Max Voltage:33V
* Max Amps: 190A
* Resistance: 0.0069
* KV (RPM/volt): 910
* Max RPM Length: 30000
* Length:112mm
* Diameter (w/fins):55.8mm
* Weight: 1035g
* Shaft Diameter: Φ8mm
* Length of extend shaft:30mm

* High Quality Bearings
* Rotor-4 Pole Neodymium Magnets
* Stator-Super Thin Laminations
* Super Strength 8mm shaft
* With Water Cooling Shell
* 6 Connectors

The revolutionary design of Proteus motors is its unique wire configuration. There are six connectors on the motor and the user can switch the wire configuration (wire or triangle) by themselves at any time. When the user requests the motor with more RPM and high speed, he could use triangle configuration; when the user request the motor with more torque and power, he could use star configuration,. In this case, one piece of motor can meet the user's request for speed or power in different situation.

What's more, there is water cooling shell outside of the motor. It is designed to cool down the motor temperature so that the motor could perform best.

These motors can be switched between STAR and TRIANGLE with configuration.
There are 6 connectors on the motor.
Triangle Configuration=More RPM
Star Configuration=More Torque

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