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  1. Points and Rewards

Points and Rewards

How to get points?
As the customer of qpstore.com, you can get additional points for your every time any quantity and any time shopping to get accumulated discount for your next time shopping.

 Methods  Earn points  Remark
 Register  100  all customers
 Subscribe newsletter  20  all customers
 Write a review  5-10  depend on its value
 Order  Unlimited  1 point for every GBP £1 amount of your order

1. 100 points for anyone register our website.
2. 20 points for joining our newsletter.
3. 5-10 points for writing a valuable review, if more than 5 people remark it as valuable, the reviewer would get an extra 5 points, thus, 10 points in total.
4. Earn 1 point for every GBP £1 amount of your order, such as GBP £1.4 can earn 1 point, GBP £100 to earn 100 points, etc. Exclude the item do not take part in this activity.

Points activate
The points will be activated after shipment. Only the activated points can be used for your next time purchase. All the activated and inactive points could be checked in your account when sign up with our store.

Points converted based on the actual order amount, the present purchased order do not take part in this activity and also the shipping fee does not included.

How to apply the points?
On checkout page, you can redeem points to reduce order price. Spend 50 points to save GBP £1. When the points reach 200 points, you can use it to redeem the order amount.

  • Login to your account
  • Place an order
  • Enter or paste the redemption code


Then, the bottom "Value of Redeemed Reward Points" will be changed according to your input.

Which item does not take part in the activity?
Coupons, order tax, freight and insurance, some promotional items and also item price less than GBP £1.

1. If the order was canceled, the points you got in this order will be deducted as well.
2. Promotional points are unalienable. Valid time is 365 days, or all the points will be removed.
3. QPstore reserves the right to make changes to the points and rewards at any time.

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