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  2. New Tecsun S2000 FM/LW/MW/SW SSB Air PLL Synthesized World Band Radio Receiver
New Tecsun S2000 FM/LW/MW/SW SSB Air PLL Synthesized World Band Radio Receiver
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New Tecsun S2000 FM/LW/MW/SW SSB Air PLL Synthesized World Band Radio Receiver

SKU: QT0801017100

NOTE: World Band Radio Receiver Auto scan, manual tuning,multi-function Radio Receiver.

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Item Description:

Tecsun S2000.

* FM LW MW SW SSB AIR PLL Synthesized Receiver.
* SSB with USB &LSB.
* S-Meter.
* Auto scan, manual tuning.
* Air band listening.
* RF gain control knob.
* Line in socket for MP3
* FM stereo via earphone or headphone.
* FM range in 76-108Mhz, AM range in MW/LW/SW 9/10kHz selectable, Aircraft range in 118-137Mhz.
* 455 kHz IF output jacket for DIY(synchronous detection, DSP demodulator, DRM converter).
* Display info shows Time/Signal Strength ATT/Antenna aerials/Alarm mode and time/Memory/Battery indicator/Mode/N.
* W bandwidth.
* Single Side Band(SSB) with USB & LSB
* Auto scan, manual tuning or direct frequency keyin function.
* 1000 station memories.
* Antenna Attenuation(ATT) to Enhance reception.
* Squlch control for quality FM and air band listening.
* Wide/narrow bandwidth selection.
* RF gain control knob.
* FM/SW external antenna jackets.
* High quality 4" speaker with excellent sound effect.
* Line in socket(for MP3).
* Line out socket.
* Three power sources : 4 x UM1(D size) batteries; DC 6V;220V AC power(Batteries or DC adapter not include in the set).
* ATS/Sleep/Timer/Key lock/Fast,Slow Tune/Backlight function.
* Two kind of build-in antenna, one is telescopic antenna for FM/SW/AIR, the other is 360 degrees rotating MW/LW antenna.
Frequency Range:
* FM : 76-108Mhz.
* MW : 522-1620kHz/520-1710 kHz selectable.
* LW : 100-5139kHz.
* SW : 1711-30000 kHz.
* Aircraft : 118-137Mhz.
* FM(S/N=30dB) less than 3 uV.
* MW(S/N=26dB) less than 0.35 mV/m.
* LW(S/N=26dB) less than 10 mV/m.
* SW(S/N=26dB) less than 18 uV.
* SSB(S/N=10dB) less than 1 uV.
* AIR(S/N=10dB) less than 5 uV
* AM wideband+-10kHz, greater than 40 dB/ Narrowband+-5kHz, greater than 60 dB.
Package included:
1 x S-2000 Desktop Radio.
1 x English function menu and label Receiver.
1 x English operating manual.

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