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Multi charger iMAX QUATTRO B6 Professional Battery Chargers for RC Helicopters
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Multi charger iMAX QUATTRO B6 Professional Battery Chargers for RC Helicopters

SKU: QT0206001500

NOTE: This Quattro B6 charger provides great convenience to electric modelers. It can adjust to batteries like NiCd, NiMh, Li-ion, LiPo, LiFe, Pb etc. Charging your batteries in any time with great power.

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* Input voltage: 11-18V DC
* Four Output
* Total circuit power: 200Watts(4x50W)
* Charging current: 0.1-5A
* Dimension: 225.4x158.6x62.4mm
* Net weight: 1.09kg

* Security operating system
iMax B6 has a security operating system, and has auto functions to control battery charge rate and times in order to protect your Lithium battery from being overcharged or exploded.

* Balancing individual cells battery discharging
During the process of discharging, iMAX Quattro B6 can monitor and balance each cell of the battery individually. Error message will be indicated and the process will be ended automatically if the voltage of any single one cell is abnormal.

* Data store/load
The maximum five batteries' data can be stored for users' convenience. You can keep the data pertaining to program setting of the battery of continuous charging or discharging. Users can call out these data at any time without any special program setting.

* Automatic charging current limit
You can set up the upper limit of the charging current when charging your NiCd or NiMH battery; it is useful for the NiMH battery of low impedance and capacity in the 'AUTO' charging mode.

* Processing time limit:
You can also limit the maximum process time to avoid any possible defect.Capacity limit
The charging capacity is always calculated as the charging current multiplied by time. If the charging capacity exceeds the limit, the process will be terminated automatically when you set the maximum value.

* PC based analysis uing USB Communication
iMAX Quttro B6 offer PC based program can analysis the characteristic of the battery via USB port. It shows a graph of voltage, current, capacity curves. It also shows the individual voltage of each cell in the Lithium battery pack. PC-LINK USB adaptor can be purchased separately.

Adaptable Battery Specifications

* NiCd:
1.2V/Cell (Voltage Level),
1-2C* (Max Fast Charge Rate),
0.85V/Cell (Min. Discharge Cutoff Level)

* NiMh:
1.2V/Cell (Voltage Level),
1-2C* (Max Fast Charge Rate),
1.0V/Cell (Min. Discharge Cutoff Level)

* Li-ion:
3.6V/Cell (Voltage Level),
4.10V/Cell (Max Charge Voltage),
1C (Max Fast Charge Rate),
2.5V/Cell (Min. Discharge Cutoff Level)

* LiPo:
3.7V/Cell (Voltage Level),
4.20V/Cell (Max Charge Voltage),
1C (Max Fast Charge Rate),
3.0V/Cell (Min. Discharge Cutoff Level)

* LiFe:
3.3V/Cell (Voltage Level),
3.60V/Cell (Max Charge Voltage),
4C (Max Fast Charge Rate),
2.0V/Cell (Min. Discharge Cutoff Level)

* Pb :
2.0V/Cell (Voltage Level),
2.46V/Cell (Max Charge Voltage),
0.4C (Max Fast Charge Rate),
1.75V/Cell (Min. Discharge Cutoff Level)

IMAX Quattro B6 charger

IMAX Quattro B6 charger

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