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  4. Exquisite Phone Back Case Cover for N7100 (Black)
Exquisite Phone Back Case Cover for N7100 (Black)
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Exquisite Phone Back Case Cover for N7100 (Black)

SKU: QT0107240300

NOTE: Hard frame case will perfect fit for your N7100, made of high-quality materials, durable and safe to use. If there is high quality case which can protect your phone that will be great!

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New arrivals light pure black hard frame style N7100 cell phone bumpering case with portable buttons hole.


1. Protect your cellphone from damage, such as scratch, pressure and water

2. High quality aluminum metal, durable and hard

3. Slim, sleek and two-piece design bumper, easy to insert and remove.

4. Delicate buttons for power / volume control

5. Ultra light weight



1. Material: high quality aluminum

2. Suitable for: Samsung galaxy note2 N7100

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