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  1. Coupon and Gift

Coupon and Gift

What is a coupon?

Coupon is discount offered by qpstore.com, you can use it to buy products at a lower price than the current selling price.

How can I get the coupon?

We prepared 4 methods for you to get a coupon:

1. Notice from qpstore.com.

2. Subscribe our newsletter, we offer a variety of free coupons regularly.

3. Like us to become QPstore fans to get our coupon news. Like us now!

4. Other coupon websites (limited).

How can I visit my coupon?

Visit http://www.qpstore.com/index.php?main_page=account_coupons&cType=2
Your coupons list will show as follow:

Coupons List

 My Coupons  Get Coupon Time  Get From  Validity  Status  Coupons Method
 QPSTORE5  2012-11-19 21:01:13  Order  06 Days  Effective  £5
 QPSTORE10  2012-11-19 21:01:13  Order  06 Days  Effective  £10
 QPSTORE20  2012-11-19 21:01:13  Order  06 Days  Effective  £20

How coupons work on QPstore.com?

  • Login to your account
  • Place an order
  • Enter or paste the redemption code

update coupon

Note: Coupon and points can be used simultaneously.

What would happen if I pay for an item with a coupon and then the payment is reversed?

You will receive a refund for the entire portion of the purchase you paid for but not for the amount of the coupon.

For inquiries about coupons please contact us.

How can I get a free gift?

QPstore will send a free gift to our every customer regularly when your order amount exceeds the minimum limit. The gifts include laser pointer, led light, cell phone case, cell phone screen protector, ect. You can choose the one you like. Besides, ordering the specified products will get a free gift too and you can get the information from our newsletter.

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