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AGM HID Diving Light 100m Underwater Diving Light/ Torch 65W
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AGM HID Diving Light 100m Underwater Diving Light/ Torch 65W

SKU: QT0501001010

NOTE: This AGM HID diving light is specially designed for 100m underwater diving or for rescue. There are 5 output settings include high, middle, low with 65W, 45W, 35W for different use.

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AGM Diving Light(FH-08)


Item Type: Diving Torch
Body Material: Aluminum
Light Source: HID
Wattage: 65
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Certification: CE,RoHS
Waterproof: Yes
Body Color: Black
Model Number: FH-08
Waterproof Standard: IP68, underwater 100m
Illumination: 1200 meters max
Application: Diving, Rescue
Battery capacity: 7800mAh
Warranty: 1 Year
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
5 output settings: High/Middle/low (65W/45W/35W.)
BULB LIFE: 3000 hours

Compare with the AGM FH-02 HID Torch Light 3 Modes

AGM Diving Light(FH-08)


Piezoelectric Switches, the piezoelectric switches are designed and developed using advanced technology.

* Waterproof, rated IP-68 max 200meters depth
* Works in harsh conditions -40oC~+70oC (-40oF~+158oF)
* Long-life expectancy (over a million cycles)
* No external power source required to power the switch. Supports a wide range of switch voltages
* No moving parts, maintenance free
* No polarity considerations for the wiring the switch
* SMT designed electronics for higher quality, superior performance, and reduced cost
* Meets RoHS Requirement
* ESD & EMI protection
* Piezoelectric technology can sense actuation within a solid metal enclosure
* Fully potted design prevents penetration of dirt, dust and water vandal resistant
* Can be operated with fingers, gloves and through elastomeric overlays
* Heavy duty, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant for both
* Indoor and Outdoor use
* Non-sparking, made of aluminum alloy without moving parts, for use in spark sensitive environments
* Can be custom laser engraved, or anodize printed

DYH-06 series with different modes (according to customers' requirements), just pushing piezo switch surface to set different mode

Each package with two lenses: fog lens and flood light lens. When you want to take the pictures, you can use flood light lens. When the water is not clear, you can use fog lens.

AGM Diving Light(FH-08)


1 x 65W HID dive torch
1 x Lithium Ion Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Car Adaptor
1 x Wrist Ring
1 x Filter
1 x Instructioins
1 x Precision insurance box

AGM Diving Light(FH-08) 


A. Don't irradiate into the eyes or watch the light directly, otherwise it shall hurt the eyes.
B. To charge the battery fully before use, keep it away from the inflammable, explosion objects or gas.
C. To avoid touching the switch unconsciously with the other objects when you put the torch in the bag or luggage, otherwise, it will light the torch and cause unnecessary hurt.
D. The torch shall reach the most brightness after 30 seconds, it is the HID features. It will be more effective if you adjust the lightness after turn on the torch 30 seconds.
E. The surface of the torch shall be higher during charging in high temperature or discharging for long time, it is normal status. Do not touch the glass lens to aviod scald if the torch has been working for long time.

Warranty instruction

A. This product has one year warranty since the purchase date (battery has six months warranty)
B. Any of following states is not under warranty range, you should charge of the replace elements cost during repairing,
1. The product warranty has been expiry.
2. The failure caused by abnormal use or damage
3. Disassemble the product without authorized result in damage.
C. Please fill the warranty card within 30 days since purchase this product and seal the agent stamp, otherwise it will affect your warranty service.

Product safety function

A. Circuit opening protection function: starting up light, when output occur abnormal state of circuit opening, it can stop working in 1 second and get into protection state.
B. Short circuit protection function: starting up light, when output occur abnormal state of short circuit, it can stop working in 1 second and get into protecting state.
C. Battery recharged protection: It is totally automatic protection in which charge/discharge be reached appointed voltage.
D. Battery short circle protection: when battery short circuit between anode and cathode, battery protection board will cut immediately and get into protecting state.


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