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  3. 85W HID Xenon Flashlight Torch 7500LM 8700mAh for Camping & Hiking
85W HID Xenon Flashlight Torch 7500LM 8700mAh for Camping & Hiking
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85W HID Xenon Flashlight Torch 7500LM 8700mAh for Camping & Hiking

SKU: QT0502002200

NOTE: Useful outdoor tool to bring strong lights and convenience to you. Continous working time to support your outdoor exploring.

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* Item No.: SK-H85
* Output: 85W
* Battery: 8700mAH
* Continuous illuminate time: 50min
* Dimension of flashlight : L380mm, Head: Diameter 84.5mm, Torch: Diameter 46mm
* Weight: 1300grams with battery
* Colour: black
* Battery life span: ≥500 charging times
* Radiation distance: 1500M/100M
* Brightness: 7500LM

Packaging parts:
* 1 x 85W 7500LM extra-bright HID Xenon flashlight torch
* 1 x AC adaptor (90-240V)
* 1 x car charger
* 1 x rechargeable 8700mAH Li-on batteries
* 1 x Lampshade


Caution & Warning:
* Please pre-charge battery fully before using; please keep the protective cover on the battery during charging; please keep the battery away from the inflammable, explosive objects and gases.

* Don't use flashlight to shoot eyes directly and avoid watching illuminant directly in case it hurts your eyes.

* When disuse flashlight, please close switch and protective cover well especially when you put it into travelling bag or similar bags; please avoid touching switch unconsciously or that may turn on the touch then lead to the accidental damage or hurt.

* When charging battery by car-charger, you must startup the engine so that it can be charged completely.

* When charged at high temperature environment or charged continually for long time, it is normal the flashlight surface temperature to rise.

* When flashlight works for long time, please don't touch the glass lens to avoid scald.

* It is forbidden to short the circuit. Therefore please don't put the battery with metal or conductor together.

* HID is a high voltage product(starting temporary voltage approach 23kv).if it appears abnormal, please return it to us for repair right away in order to avoid harming yourself. Never repair it personally.

* Please avoid impacting and falling.

* After long time lightening, please don't touch its glass to avoid your hands.

* Don't connect the contact point without authority and use the battery only for this torch.

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