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  3. 8000LM 75W/55W/35W HID Xenon Torch Flashlight SOS
8000LM 75W/55W/35W HID Xenon Torch Flashlight SOS
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8000LM 75W/55W/35W HID Xenon Torch Flashlight SOS

SKU: QT0501003101

NOTE: This HID Xenon flashlight with a max output of 8000 lumens and a long distance illumination. There are three brightness levels and a SOS flashing mode, 75W, 55W, 35W for you selecting in different case.

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What can we do if there is no light in the dark? Just let the shivering fear spreading? No, from now on, you have got another choice, take the 75W/55W/35W HID Flashlight with you, driven the dark away.

This Torch light is powered by a 7800mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, color temperature of this 75W HID flashlight is 8000K, which makes the light as white as the sunlight. It is bright enough to temporarily blind and disorient a person by impairing his night-adapted vision. Get the XID flashlight for yourself or the others as a gift, you will like the way it works.

1. Much brighter than 50w
2. Can hung with your shoulder
3. Water-resistant in a rainy day
4. Suitable for home maintenance, outdoor activities, hiking, map reading, night fishing, etc
5. Three Gear 75W/55W/35W
6. One year warranty

* Brightness: 8000LM
* Color temperature: 8000K
* Optical efficiency: 80LM/W
* Continual illuminate time: 100 mini
* Working voltage: 12.0V
* Working current: 4.2A
* Power output: 35W/55W/75W
* Battery mode: ICR18650(7800mAh)
* Working temperature: -20~50℃
* Color: Black
* Length: 380mm
* Diameter of body: 46mm
* Diameter of light head: 84.5mm
* Net weight(with battery): 1410g

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