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  2. Wireless USB Teach Laser Pointer,PPT Control,PowerPoint Remote Flip Pen
Wireless USB Teach Laser Pointer,PPT Control,PowerPoint Remote Flip Pen
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Wireless USB Teach Laser Pointer,PPT Control,PowerPoint Remote Flip Pen

SKU: QP0604004110

NOTE: This multi-functional USB Laser Pointer can be used for remote flip document, PPT page turning etc., useful Pointer for Teaching, presentation and so on.Makes your life more convenient.

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Item Description:

USB Laser Pointer + Remote Flip Document PPT Page Turning + E-Pointer for Teaching.

* Plug and play function : No PC programming and S/W.
* Working on any computer : Using a USB port on any computer.
* Remote control range over 15m with a very low power : Eliminates LOS problems encountered with IR systems.
* Transmitter identification : Using thousands of ID numbers to avoid multi-user interferences.
* In order to make your presentation can be shown smoothly.
* the powers enter the slide up/down functions with a laser pointer on a remote hand held device by using wireless technology.
* The power user's attractive and compact design also enables the mobility up to 15 meters from laptop/PC while still maintains a full guided control for presentations.
* The powers do not require any software or PC programming, it only takes a few seconds to install and use.
Laser radiation is harmful to the eyes. Do not stare into the beam! Never point the laser beam to human or animal. Class II laser product, complies with EN60825-1 and CRF 1040.10 and 1040.11
Package included:
1 x Laser pen.
1 x USB receiver.
1 x Bag.
1 x User manual.

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