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New DLE20 Gasoline Engine for RC Plane with CDI & Muffler
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New DLE20 Gasoline Engine for RC Plane with CDI & Muffler

SKU: QT0201001020

NOTE: It's the newest DLE20 Gas Engine for RC Airplane.Two sealed bearings on crankshaft-simple design for lighter weight.Beam mounting allows easy fit in the same mount as comparable glowing engines.

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Item Description:

The DLE-20 not only fills the displacement gap, but includes a beam mount to make the glow-to-gas upgrade drop-in fast and easy. A rear pumper carb simplifies installation and adjustment.

A generous package of “extras” that includes a muffler and electronic ignition for starting ease and top performance make the DLE-20 an attractive alternative to glow…and a solid buy for value and performance.

* PerformanceOutput power : 2.5HP/9000rpm.
* Idle Speed : 1750 rpm/min.
* Static Thrust : 6Kg / 100 meters Altitude.
* Static Thrust : 5.3Kg / 1800 meters Altitude.
* The specification of the aircraft propeller : 14 x 10; 15 x 8; 16 x 6; 16 x 8; 17 x 6.
* The type of the sparking plug : NGK CM6.
* Exhaust Amount : 20cm3.
* Diameter x stroke : 32mm x 25mm.
* Ratio of compressio : 10.5:1.
* Ratio of lubricating capacity : 30:1.
* Main engine weight : 0.65kg.
* Exhaust pipe weight : 0.05kg.
* Ignition equipment weight : 0.12kg.
Package included:
1 x A DLE 20cc Gas Engine.
1 x Auto Advancing Electronic Ignition.
1 x Muffler, Gasket and Bolts.
1 x Aluminum Standoffs and Bolts.
1 x DL Engines English Instructions.

DLE20 Gasoline Engine

DLE20 Gas Engine for RC Plane

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