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How to Troubleshooting Common Gas RC Airplane Problems? (I)

The analysis and inspection of the problems

There may happen with several faults in the process of using the gasoline engine when we driving our RC model airplane, the main problem is that the gasoline engine cannot start regularly; engine power is insufficient; the engine operating speed is instability, and has an abnormal sound. While when there are some malfunctions on our gasoline engine, you should keep calm and to analyze the reason which leads to this problem, do not disassembly it blindly.

Here we will analyze several common problems below.

Why does the gasoline engine cannot start?

There are mainly three reasons for the engine which cannot start: Problems on the fuel system, problems on the electrical system and cylinder compression. Generally, there won't happen with three problems for a gasoline engine at the same time, so when a machine cannot start, you should first learn exactly what part has happen with problem, and then take some useful measures to make the engine work. Check the reason that leads to this problem should follow the below steps:

First, to turn the starter wheel by your finger, and go around the top dead center, there may need a large power to run, and when you passed this point, the start wheel can go pass a large angle automatically, that to say the compress is works well.

gas engine troubleshooting

Second, there are no outbreaks in the cylinder when starting, and when they exhaust pipe cannot push the gas out, and the exhaust gas dryness, this phenomenon shows that your engine has some problems on the oil system. You should check whether the fuel tank switch was put on, are there any loose on the oil pipe connection, to see the remaining oil in the tank. Then press the carburetor for several times to see if there is oil flow out. After you have checked the whole parts above, and all of them are in good condition, you can pour some petrol in the chamber hole to restart the gasoline engine. However, if the engine still can't start or fire occasionally a few times out, then we can judge that the carburetor orifice may be blocked. You should to remove the float chamber to clean it by washing or blowing, do not use any metal wire to make it.

Third, there are no outbreaks and other sounds mixed the carburetor or muffler when startup and the exhaust gas from the muffler are moisture and with a smell of petrol. If the above situation happens, there must have been some problems with the electrical system. You should first remove the spark chamber when there are no outbreaks, and put the spark chamber on the spark plug cover on the high tension line, and then contact the side electrode metal parts and metal parts of the machine, you can turn the start wheel quickly to see whether there are blue spark passed over, if not, you should check each parts of the electric circuit respectively. For the old machine, if the gasoline engine cannot start with the electric circuit and oil circuit is all normal, you can further to judge that whether the compression pressure is too small. At that time, you can remove the spark plug and add a few oil into the cylinder, and then fire the spark plug, if it can catch fire that respects the cylinder compression is bad and we should open the cylinder cove and to check whether the cylinder gasket is damaged, or the piston ring and cylinder were over-wear.

Fourth, every component is working well, due to the startup in a low temperature, and the machine is too cold, gasoline cannot atomization easily, that are all will lead to the gasoline engine abnormal to start.

Fifth, once the pipe joint is lax, low oil and more gas or the air filter was blocked, that will also affect the engine to start.

Sixth, skills of direction on starting rope tricks and the starting speed is also very important for the engine.

Seventh, it is not easy to start the gasoline engine with the inappropriate open on the resistance inside door.

The gasoline engine lack of power

It has includes five aspects for the gasoline engine when it is lack of power:

1. The gasoline engine has a weak compression, piston, piston ring and cylinder wear; you should replace them with new.

2. Wrong ignition timing, the ignition time for the new machine should be within the prescribed scope, too early or too late are all bad for the engine to play its best power; while for the inner rotor magneto, you may also need to adjust the clearance after use.

3. Too thin or too rich mixture is all not allowed.

4. The crankcase pressure is not enough, and the fuselage leaking oil, the crankcase gasket was damaged, then you should replace them with new.

5. The gasoline engine overheating, and your engine cannot work for a long time overload, you should keep clear of the cylinder head, and to clean the carbon at the top of the piston.

Gasoline engine running is not smooth

1. There has some voices of beating, the piston and piston ring, cylinder are all wear badly, the piston pin and pin hole, crank shaft, needle roller bearing is wear, you are required to repair or replace them with new.

2. There are sounds of metal tapping (explosion), once the engine is overheating, the combustion chamber carbon deposit or turbine oil label is not in conformity with the rule, and the engine will go unsmooth. You should cool and eliminate the relevant parts of carbon deposit or replace provisions brand of turbine oil.

3. The gasoline engine fire cutoff, there is water or precipitation oil in the float indoor, when the spark plug gap breaker inappropriate or loose stator, then the engine will be out of work. At that time, you should removal of the carbon deposit, and adjust the clearance or replace a new component.

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