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Diesel Engine Efficiency vs. Gasoline Efficiency

Diesel engine and gasoline engine are two popular engines widely used in the RC model airplane. But if you ask me whether the diesel engine is better than a airplane gasoline engine, I do not know exactly. There are several differences between them, both from the ventilation of the engine, formation of the mixture, combustion and performance, etc. However, when talks about the efficiency, we should take the below elements into consideration:

Why the thermal efficiency of the diesel engine is higher than the gasoline engine?

There are two theories:

1. The diesel engine has a high compression ratio; when it works the engine expands more.

2. When the oil and gas mixed together, the ratio of diesel engine and space-time fuel is greater than 1, then that shows the engine is in oxygen-enriched combustion, the fuel can make full combustion at that time. Gasoline engine fuel combustion ratio is about 1, due to there is not enough, gasoline cannot complete combustion.

Since the mechanical efficiency of a diesel engine is large, why gasoline engine is more widely used?

The first point, the output of gasoline engine and the diesel engine is essentially the same.

First of all, gasoline engine and diesel engine have the same output. Secondly, both of them are seems to be environmental protection. Some of the engine are smoking due to the fuel do not completely combustion, in fact, diesel and gasoline engine is always doing the same effect. While due to the ratio of weight and energy of the diesel engine is larger than the gasoline engine, that to say, diesel engine can output for a large energy and with less fuel consumption with the same quality engine. In addition, diesel engine does not need the spark plug to ignition; it can be started directly and runs quickly.

The noise of the diesel engine is small than gasoline engine; while the diesel engine has a high emission than all the gasoline engine. At the same time, diesel fuel is cheaper and safer than gasoline engine, it is not easy to explode, and it will burn when encounter with fire.

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