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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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AGM-60/60cc Twin Cylinder Gas RC Engine New Coming

Look! This is the latest engine launched by AGM factory - AGM-60 twin cylinder gas/petrol engine. It comes with two opposed cylinders for low vibration operation. Weight only 1555g, AGM-60 provides 7HP/8500rpm horsepower makes it able to produce enough power for your bird. Thus, you may enjoy a smooth and consistent flying experience.

AGM-60/60cc twin cylinder gas engine

When compare the 60cc gas engines from different brands, we can find that there are some specifications are almost the same.

Displacement 61 cc (3.7 cu in) 60cc 60cc
Weight Engine: 3.43 lb (1555 g), Muffler: 2.82 oz / 3.00 oz (80 g / 85 g), Ignition Module: 7.44 oz (211 g) 1390g/engine, 180g/muffler, 140g/ignition module Engine: 3.43 lb (1555 g)
Muffler: 2.82 oz / 3.00 oz (80 g / 85 g)
Ignition Module: 7.44 oz (211 g)
Carburetor Walbro Walbro Walbro
Compression Ratio 7.6 7.6 7.6
Power 5.5 hp @ 8,500 RPM 6.2HP@7200RPM 7HP@8,500rpm
Idle RPM 1400rpm/min 1350RPM 1400rpm/min
Practical RPM   1350~7500RPM  
Thrust 1 15.2kg Pulling Force/100 meters altitude 16.2kgf (50~200M altitude) 15.2kg Pulling Force
Thrust 2 13.5kg Pulling Force/1,800 meters altitude 14.7kgf (1800~2000M altitude) 13.5kg Pulling Force
Spark Plug NGK CM6 EME/ NGK CM6 CM6 style spark plug
Ignition Voltage 4.8 – 6.0v 4.8V~6.0V 4.8 – 8.4v
Ratio Of Lubricating Capacity   30:1 30:1 ~ 35:1   30:1
Recommended Propeller 2 blades, 22*10, 23*8, 23*10, 24*8 2 blades, 23*10, 24*8, 24*10(wooden prop, C.F. prop) 22*10, 23*8, 23*10, 24*8

From the above figure, most of you may be surprised that AGM 60cc gas engine is just with the same configuration as DLE-60. However, the new twin cylinder gas engine launched by AGM factory has a certain difference from DLE. As the newest 60cc gas engine in the market, the AGM-60 will give you a perfect performance.

Furthermore, we sell direct to the public and offer full manufacture warranty. As we can check the prices of 60cc gas engines in many online stores, most of them are offering at about $500 for retail. However, AGM-Engine.com only sells AGM-60 at $399.99 which is an ultra low price.

If you have your own shopping site or conduct sales through online sale platform like eBay, you can increase your business by joining AGM wholesale and dropshipping program. Enjoy our secret price for the newest 60cc twin cylinder gas engine as well as free shipping to USA.

All AGM Engines are covered by 1 year manufacturer warranty as well as 1 year AGM warranty for after-sale service.

Get more information about AGM-60, just paste the following link into your browser http://www.agm-engine.com/new-agm6060cc-twin-cylinder-gasoline-engine-p-327.html. Interested in wholesale gas engines? Call us 001-503-515-7590 or send your message to sales@agm-engine.com

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