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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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AGM 30cc Gas Engine First Flight Video Share

RC hobbyists can now get a long time flight with their model RC airplanes in the air, and that is all thanks to the new engine. A good gas engine can support your model airplane to get a smooth, perfect and long time flight for your model RC airplane.

AGM 30cc gasoline engine has turned out to be a good choice for the RCers, it was upgraded with a rear carb instead of a pseudo side carb, auto advancing electronic ignition for fast starting and CM6 style sparks plug. There are some players who have bought this gas engine yet, and some of them have installed this engine on their model airplane and ran them in the air.

There has been a customer of agm-engine.com shared his flight video on YouTube. He has shared the great work of AGM 30cc gas engine brought by him. Since it was the first time for him to fly the airplane with AGM 30cc, but the result showed that this gasoline engine full of power and has rushed into the air at a quick speed.

AGM-30 flying video

(Users can view it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=-lWRMqtEgNc)

The player who used the gas engine said that this AGM 30cc gas engine has done a job better than any other engines he had ever played before. At first, he did not have enough confident on this gas engine can fly in the air for over 20 minutes, he bought it was only due to it is cheaper than other brand new 30cc gas engines, and the announcement of this engine is not so bad, so he purchased it for trial. But in fact, the AGM gas engine has made him surprised. The good performance and strong power brought by this engine are all show that it is a good gas engine.

The AGM 30cc gas engine has a pitts style muffler device which can make your airplane noisy declined to a small noise and you do not need to worry about the loudly sound any more. This engine with 3.7HP/8500rpm can supply enough power for your airplane to run in the air for a long time. Good or bad performance of your airplane sometimes decided by your adjustments, we should make our gas engine adjust to the best states and do the best to make it suitable for our model airplane, so that we can get a wonderful flight in the air.

Users who have bought AGM gas engines are welcome to share their flying experience and making their own videos. AGM Engine highly appreciates your suggestions.

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