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  3. 8700mAh 85w HID Xenon Taschenlampe Torch 8000K+ Akku Super Power
8700mAh 85w HID Xenon Taschenlampe Torch 8000K+ Akku Super Power
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8700mAh 85w HID Xenon Taschenlampe Torch 8000K+ Akku Super Power

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1. 3 modes to choose from (low, medium and strong power output)
One gear mode will produce low power output only. Two gear mode allow users to switch between the low and medium power output. Gear Three allow users to switch between low, medium and strong power output.

2. Overheat self-protection function
When temperature on the torch handle reaches 45℃, torch will automatically charge the power down to 45W, follow by LED flashing in red.When temperature on the torch handle reaches 48℃, torch will automatically turn itself off to prevent overheat, follow by LED flashing in red constantly in 20 seconds, during the 20 seconds the torch will not be turned on, which to prevent from user to switch it on again right after the torch turn itself off.

3. Perfect double low-voltage function
Build in dedicated Li-ion battery protective plate and SCM identifying low voltage circuit When battery voltage less than 9V, push switch button only red led flicker, Ballast will automatically stop working, but the three LED lights will be able to work for 22 hours. The torch will be back to normal after the battery has been charged.

4. Low-voltage notice function to remind user to charge the battery
When battery capacity drops below 20%, the torch will only be switched

5. Low current start feature
Effectively reduce the impact to battery and ballast when turn on, to allow voltage to increase gradually, which helps in protecting battery and ballast.

* Brightness: 8500LM(85w)/6000LM(65W)/4200LM(45W)
* Color temperature: 8000K
* Optical efficiency: 100LM/W
* Continual illuminate time: High 100mins(85w) Low 120mins (65w) 150mins (45w)
* Irradiation distance: ≥2.75km
* Ballast input voltage: 9V~16V
* Working Voltage: 12.0V
* Working current: 5.4A
* Starting Max current: <8A
* Power output: 45W/65W/85W (3 modes)
* Output temporary max voltage: 23KV Max
* Battery Mode:ICR18650(8700mAh)
* Battery charge voltage:12.6V±0.1V
* Life of battery:≥500 times(with 6 months warranty)
* Warranty of Battery: 6 months
* Bulb life-span: 3000 hours
* Working temperature:-20。~50。
* Starting environment:0~+50 celes degree
* Waterproof degree:Strive in all weather conditions
* Military Grade Aluminum: Strong aluminum shell
* Color: Black
* Length:380mm
* Diameters of body:46mm
* Diameters of light head:84.5mm

Package include:
1 x 85/65/45W HID flashlight(Black)
1 x Li-ion battery
1 x Shoulder strap
1 x AC adapter(110-240V)
1 x Extra Lampshade
1 x Instruction manual(English)
1 x Adapter
1 x Car charger

Caution: avoid direct eye exposure, dangerous!

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