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  3. 6600mAh 8000LM 35W 55W 75W Torch Flashlight 5 Modes
6600mAh 8000LM 35W 55W 75W Torch Flashlight 5 Modes
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6600mAh 8000LM 35W 55W 75W Torch Flashlight 5 Modes

SKU: QT0501005201

NOTE: Enjoy your camping life with this three gear 75W/55W/35W torch flashlight. It is suitable for home maintenance, outdoor activities, hiking, camping, sailing, caving and hunting.

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* Brightness: 5000LM(55w) 8000LM(75w)
* Color temperature: 8000K
* Optical efficiency: 80LM/W
* Continual illuminate time: High 100mins(75w) Low 120mins (55w)
* Irradiation distance: ≥2.5km
* Ballast input voltage: 9V~16V working Voltage: 12.0V
* Working current: 4.2A
* Starting Max current: <8A
* Power output: 35W/55W/75W, Flashing, SOS (5 modes)
* Output temporary max voltage: 23KVMax
* Battery Mode:ICR18650(6600mAh)
* Battery charge voltage:12.6V±0.1V
* Life of battery:≥500 times(with 6 months warranty)
* Warranty of Battery: 6 months
* Bulb life-span: 3000 hours
* Working temperature:-20℃~50℃
* Starting environment:0~+50 celes degree
* Waterproof degree: Strive in all weather conditions
* Military Grade Aluminum: Strong aluminum shell
* Color: Silver
* Net weight (with battery):1248g

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