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15 Tips for Using the RC Model Airplane Engine

RC model airplane engine is a machine manufactured precision; we should pay attention to some tips before we use it. (Also read Tips in Adjusting the AGM 30 Gasoline Engine and Tips When Converting RC Gas Engines to Electric)

1. We should install the engine in the model airplane stability, and to use the high quality engine and model airplane to make sure that our flight can be a safe one.

2. All the people around you to see the RC model airplane should keep 6-7 meters far away from you when you flying the airplane in the air.

3. You should choose the propeller with suitable size and screw pitch, the screw pitch with nick, scratch, crack, fracture, wear and tear are all not available. We suggest you use the wood propeller once your engine has a working volume more than 40 level, plastic and glass or metal propeller are all need to use carefully.

4. When you install the propeller, you should use the propeller with one side of the ground to point to the front direction. Using a suitable wrench screw to fix the propeller firmly between the front and behind of the pulp pad. The vibration of an internal combustion engine may make the screw loose during working, you need to check it in time, and to tighten or replace it if necessary.

5. To make your hands and body stay out of the rotating propeller plane when the engine is starting or running in the air. Do not stay in front of the engine to adjust the engine and carburetor; you should go behind to the engine to adjust them.

6. You can use the electrical starter, if you want to dial the OARS to start, you must do that with some guides of skilled older players.

7. You can adjust the damper and cut off the air supply if you want to stop the RC model airplane engine. You may also interrupt fuel supplies (press pipe or tubing peeled away from the evaporator). Neither using your hands, fingers or other parts of your body to stop the rotation of the propeller, nor throw anything into the engine to stop its running.

8. Do not run your engine in where has some loose gravel or sands. The propeller will throw the sands on your face and eyes.

9. Keep the loose wear far away from the propeller such as clothing sleeves, tie or scarf near the propeller, and do not put the goods easy to slip out of your pocket like pencil, ruler, screwdriver etc, to prevent them throw out and touching the propeller.

10. Make sure that the hot rotor (electric plug), starter clamp and wiring far away from the propeller.

11. If there was installed with the fairing, you must make sure that the groove edge should not press the blade of the propeller; otherwise, the propeller will work worse.

12. Put all the RC model airplane engine store in a safe place where stay away from the spark, high fever, overheat or somewhere easy to ignite fuel. You must keep in mind that the model fuel is easy to make fire; you cannot smoke near when the engine is starting or operating.

13. Once you find that the engine is moving during working, you should pay special attention to the propellers and keep it away from yourself and others.

14. The RC hobby engine will produce a plenty of heat when it's working, do not touch any components of it before it stops working and keep cooling.

15. Do not run the engine indoors or in a closed place, RC model airplane engine will release carbon monoxide when it's running, and that will hurt our players, so only in a place with good ventilated and safe, you can get a wonderful performance.

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